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Aircraft maintenance

Обслуживание воздушных судов

Aircraft maintenance requires high professionalism, responsibility, knowledge and experience. To implement it successfully, high-quality equipment, original spares and components, valid technical documentation and software, access to manufacturers’ web-sites, qualified staff are required. No wonder, modern helicopters do not give way to modern airplanes (Boeing and Airbus) due to their technical improvements, hence aircraft maintenance must be appropriate.

RUSSAIR’s engineers maintain foreign-made helicopters and business jets at a high level. The company’s employees continuously do refresher, training and dedicated courses recommended by manufacturers.

Up-to-date diagnostic equipment and repair facilities, personnel’s high professionalism, experience in implementation of aircraft inspections, including major ones (e.g., engine, gearbox replacement, etc.), original spares, tools, components and consumables — all this enables to execute works of any complexity fast and at high quality, and to guarantee an appropriate result not worse than that of the best world maintenance centers.

Spares and consumables are supplied  from RUSSAIR’s warehouse, and when ordered from the manufacturers and approved vendors.

RUSSAIR’s Engineering-Aviation Service provides services on flight data decoding and analysis in accordance with  RCAA’s Compliance Certificates for acquisition, processing and analysis of flight data for the AW109SP, and AW139, and EC145 (ВК117 С-2) aircraft.

The customers could make sure of high quality of our work, and their confidence is the best evidence of our competence.

Обслуживание воздушных судов