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Optional equipment. Modification

Дополнительные опции и модификация

Depending on your aims and tasks your aircraft may be improved in terms of aesthetics and comfort, and also be furnished with required optional equipment.

To increase the level of comfort you can order VIP-interior. As a rule, it includes sound insulation, air-conditioning system, comfortable leather-covered swivel club seats, a cabinet, video systems, entertainment systems and many other enhancements.

Also helicopters may be furnished with mission equipment: for search and rescue — with winch and external load equipment, to train pilots — with extra flight controls, for EMS — with special equipment for each helicopter type:  litters to advanced life-saving equipment.

A helicopter is a unique vehicle, thus possibilities of its usage and furnishing with optional equipment are not limited to this list. A particular helicopter model may be used to solve various tasks due to installation of quick-detachable equipment (e.g., video surveillance systems, searchlights, monitors, etc.). Firefighting, power engineering departments, medical services, etc. may successfully use light aircraft, saving people and solving business tasks.

Please, note that installation of optional equipment must be planned during initial talks with a manufacturer, as the equipment may require structural changes to the aircraft (e.g. installation of sliding doors). If you need further information, please, contact our experts.