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Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) is the largest helicopter manufacturer. It accounts for almost a third of the world helicopter fleet.
Airbus Helicopters constantly improves technologies to increase aircraft capabilities and creates new models to meet the requirements of the future. Due to steady concern for safety, comfort and ecological compatibility of helicopters, this manufacturer gained universal respect and popularity.

AgustaWestland helicopters are notable for their high level of safety and reliability, quality service support and state-of-the-art high-technology solutions. They are distinguished among medium and light aircraft due to their highest speed and range of flight.

Sikorsky is one of the most known world brands — leaders in the helicopter industry. The structure of a helicopter developed by the famous Russian-born scientist and engineer Igor Sikorsky underlies designs of most world manufacturers. Sikorsky helicopters enjoy wide popularity and are frequently used for civil and military missions.